In Aqualytics, every person has a profile where they can configure their own information.

Profile Information

Your profile includes client-facing information about yourself, including:

  • Name
  • Email address (used as the “reply-to” for delivered reports)
  • Signature (included on delivered reports)
  • Time zone (for assigning dates and times to reports)

This page is also where you can update your password.

Updating your profile signature in Aqualytics

Adding Your Signature

You can upload or draw a signature to be included in your delivered reports. It’s available in your profile view:

Uploading your signature in Aqualytics

Then, it will be rendered in report PDFs:

Uploading your signature in Aqualytics

Default Report Message

On your profile, you can set the default message for outgoing report emails. When submitting reports, this message will be filled in by default, but you can customize it before sending.

Setting a custom report email message in Aqualytics

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