Delivering Reports

After preparing a report, you can deliver it to your customers right from Aqualytics.

Sending a Report

Click the “Delivery” link:

Email confirmation is still required

From there, you can update the subject, message, and recipients of the report.

After it’s sent, it will appear in the “previous deliveries” table below:

Previously-delivered water treatment reports

You can write your own default delivery message on your profile page.


Re-submitting Reports

If a report was already sent, you’ll see a warning like this:

Email confirmation is still required

You can redeliver the report if you want to. Any changes you made since your first delivery will be reflected in the attachment on that later delivery.

Confirming Your Email

You must confirm your login email before delivering reports. If you see this warning:

Email confirmation is still required

Then you should click the “resend” link and respond to the confirmation email you received.

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