Getting Started with Aqualytics

Welcome to Aqualytics! Thanks for taking a look. This guide will take you through setting up Aqualytics.

Creating Your Company

To get started with Aqualytics, visit the sign up page and fill in your business information:

Signing up for Aqualytics

After submitting it, you’ll see an onboarding prompt:

Onboarding with Aqualytics

Let’s work through those items.

First, click the “company page” link, then click “Browse…” to upload your logo from your computer. It will appear on all the reports you deliver with Aqualytics.

Adding your company logo to Aqualytics

Creating Your First Account

Next, click the “first account” link to enter your first account into Aqualytics.

Type in the relevant information, then click “Create account.”

Adding an account for reporting in Aqualytics

Eventually, you should create one account for each client that you serve.

Configure the System

In order to prepare reports with Aqualytics, you have to describe the water system and tests for your new account. In short:

  • Use the “Edit Samples” menu to add sample points to the system:

    Configuring sample locations for reporting in Aqualytics

  • Use the “Add Test” menu to add tests for the account:

    Configuring water treatment tests for reporting in Aqualytics

  • Check the boxes for each sample and test that you plan to report on:

    Adding tests to samples for reporting in Aqualytics

Some of the tests are actually calculated from other data you provide. These tests show a calculator icon which reveals the underlying calculation:

Revealing calculations in Aqualytics setup

Now that you’ve set up the system, you can create your first report.

Confirming Your Email Address

You must confirm your email address before you can deliver reports via Aqualytics. To confirm it, click the link in the email you received:

Confirming your email in Aqualytics

Once it’s confirmed, you can deliver reports once you’re done filling them out.

Adding Your Payment Info

To add a credit card, click the “payment info” link and enter your card information.

(Your first 30 days are free and you can cancel anytime.)

Adding a credit card to Aqualytics

Next Steps

Now that you’ve set up Aqualytics, you can continue to:

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