After getting started with Aqualytics, you can invite others to collaborate on your accounts or manage accounts of their own.

Inviting Others

To invite others to join you in Aqualytics, navigate to “Company” in the top bar:

Navigate to the Company edit screen

Then, click the “People” tab and click the “Invite” button:

Click the invite button

There, you can invite people by entering their email addresses, separated by commas:

Invite people to Aqualytics by email

After you click “Send invitations”, each recipient will receive a link to create their account and join your company on Aqualytics.

Company Administrator

In Aqualytics, only one person in your company has the power to invite new people and remove existing profiles. That person is called the “company administrator.” From the “People” tab, the current company administrator can pick a new administrator:

Picking a new company administrator in Aqualytics

Account Collaborators

Whoever creates a new account in Aqualytics is the “account owner.” That person can add and remove collaborators or transfer ownership to an existing collaborator.

To manage collaborators, navigate to an account and click “Configure” > “Collaborators”:

Configure collaborators

On that screen, you can add and remove collaborators or transfer ownership to someone else:

Managing collaborators in Aqualytics