When you create a report, you can enter data from your tests, set control ranges, add comments and images, update inventory, and display trends.

Report Contents


Each part of an account’s water system (makeup water, cooling towers, feedwater tanks, boilers) can have its own fields in a report.


Tests are the values you collect from testing your samples, for example: conductivity, silica, and m-alkalinity. For each account, configure the water system tests to match the services you provide.

Each configured test will appear in reports for that account.


Aqualytics can calculate several metrics based on your report data (for example cycles, LSI, and condensate return percentage.)

When you configure the water system for an account, you can select which calculations to include in reports. Trends can also plot calculated metrics.

Make sure to include the required tests for each calculation – without the right data, calculations won’t run. For example, if you add “Cycles (Silica)” for a cooling tower, make sure to add “Silica”, too. Then, when preparing a report, add a “Silica” value for the makeup water and cooling tower. Those values will be used when calculating cycles.

Control Ranges

When preparing reports, you can also enter the current control range for each test. Then, the previous control ranges are copied into each new report.

When the current value is within the configured control range, it’s green in the report; when it’s outside the configured range, it’s red.


You can add comments to each report, too. Each comment may also have accompanying images. For example, you can include photos of newly-installed or repaired equipment.


After configuring the inventory for an account, you can update it on each report. This way, you can track consumption and plan for resupply as needed.

Previewing Reports

While preparing your report, you can preview the report’s PDF. First, save your changes. Then, click “Preview PDF”. It will open the PDF in a new window. After saving your changes, refresh the preview by reloading it or clicking the “Preview PDF” link again.

Submitting Reports

When you’re all done entering data, you can deliver reports directly to your customers, right from Aqualytics.