Privacy and Security

This document outlines the Privacy and Security policies and practices of Aqualytics. For more information, get in touch by email:

Aqualytics Data and How It’s Used

Aqualytics collects the following kinds of data for the following uses:

Kind of Data Use
Cookies User authentication
HTTP traffic metadata, such as IP address Authentication, system operation
User-provided application data system operation and analysis

Security Practices

Aqualytics’ operational infrastructure is secured with strong, unique passwords and two-factor authentication wherever possible. Within Aqualytics, user passwords are encrypted.

When you sign up for Aqualytics, it is your responsibility to choose a strong, unique password. (If you re-use a password, then an attacker may find your password in another system and attempt to use it with Aqualytics – don’t reuse a password from elsewhere.)

Aqualytics does not collect sensitive personal information.

Third-Party Processors

Aqualytics uses the following third-party processors when handling data:

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ProcessorDescription of Processing
HerokuCloud application hosting
Twilio Sendgrid Email delivery
StripePayment processing
Google Apps Company infrastructure
Amazon Web Services File storage
GitHub PagesWebsite hosting
BugsnagApplication monitoring
New Relic APMApplication monitoring